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The Worst NYSC Camps In Nigeria — Brainnews Radio

The Worst NYSC Camps In Nigeria

The rigorous phase of a Nigerian graduate is undoubtedly the National Youth Service Corp. With the lack of basic amenities for all Citizens, NYSC camps are no different. We have compiled a list of the worst NYSC camps in Nigeria. The essence of this article is to guide students going for their NYSC service about the worst states and cities to serve considering factors like security, the standard of living and pay.

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The Worst NYSC Camps In Nigeria

1. Kaduna State

Ms Tira Paul recounted her ordeal in Kaduna camp, according to her, there was no light, they had bad toilets and the hostels allocated to corp members were not conducive.

2. Sokoto State

A former corps member, Titi Bada, recounted her ordeal thus; “I served in Sokoto in 2013. The conditions there were horrible. They do not have a camp there, they use Government Technical College, Farfaru. When we first got there, I vehemently argued with my fellow corps members that the school was not inhabited by students before we got there. I took my stand based on the conditions we met there. “The ceiling boards were all broken. There was no bunk in my block, we had to look for stones to suspend our mattresses on planks and other surfaces we could find. Two girls managed to get the semblance of a bunk, one was on top and the other at the bottom. “Eventually, the top bunk collapsed on the lady at the bottom in the middle of the night. There was no bathroom. The entire dormitory area had just 4 pit toilets. If I was told, I wouldn’t have believed such conditions exist in modern day Nigeria. There was no water. The big reservoir had dirty water in it. Eventually, NYSC had to bring tanks that were filled once a day by tankers from outside the school.”

3. Osun State

Taiye Adenugba, lamenting the poor quality of food in Osun camp, said; “The standard of food and the quantity has made me and several of my colleagues rely on food joints in Mammy Market, a sales and service area within the camp, for feeding. The food is not impressive. I hardly go to the kitchen because it feels like a waste of time.

4. Adamawa State

The major issue with Adamawa camp according to Corp members basically is insecurity. Corp members were allowed to redeploy from this state. The camp was closed for three years before it was reopened. Recently, Yobe and Adamawa Corp members had to undergo their orientation camp in Bauchi.

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