WhatsApp Test-Run Multi-device Access, Many Other New Features

WhatsApp has began to test run its new features, including – multi-device access which would allow its users to use 4 (four) different devices on one WhatsApp account.

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WhatsApp Test-Run Multi-device Access

The team of the popular WhatsApp messenger began to test the feature that users have been asking for, for many years. Yes, we are talking about simultaneous access to an account from several devices at the same time (WhatsApp multi-device access). For example, the app can be in use from a smartphone and a tablet.

WhatsApp started testing multi-device access and many other features

The upcoming changes were reported by the WABetaInfo. According to the source, the WhatsApp account can be used from four devices at the same time. At the moment, the function is under development and will soon appear in beta. However, we do not know the exact launch dates yet.

As reported by Gizchina, WhatsApp users have been dreaming of the appearance of true support for working with multiple devices since the launch of the messenger in 2009. Synchronization between devices with the simultaneous operation of WhatsApp is simply not provided. WhatsApp currently only allows you to connect to your account from one device. Even the desktop version of WhatsApp can only work in conjunction with the running application on the smartphone, simply “mirroring” it.

WhatsApp Test-Run Multi-device Access

The WhatsApp team also tests several other useful functions including searching by date and new tools for using memory. In addition to sorting photos in a chat by newness or size and deleting saved messages except those marked. And so on.

All these features are not yet available in the public beta of WhatsApp, but are present in private test builds.

Because of this function, your number could appear on Google – WhatsApp

WhatsApp messenger has been repeatedly criticized by security experts for its attitude to user data and the lack of encryption in the conversations. Recently, the study, conducted by the cybersecurity researcher Athul Jayaram, revealed a new vulnerability in the function of creating chat using an invitation QR code.

WhatsApp Test-Run Multi-device Access

It turned out that as a result of using this function, the contact number is leaked. And in some cases, even the message text appears. URLs packed in redistributable QR codes are automatically indexed by search engines and pop up in search results. The researcher was able to detect more than 300 thousand mobile numbers of users in the search results. And this number will certainly grow. This because WhatsApp is aware of what is happening and does not consider this a data leak.

WhatsApp Test-Run Multi-device Access

According to Athul Jayaram, the best way to avoid the leak is to delete the WhatsApp account and opt for a more secure solution. Recall that in the past few days, Telegram messenger has received a big update, which brought many useful features.

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