“We’ll Respond If You Hurt Our National Interests” – China Warns President Trump

The government of China has warned United States never to toy with its national interest, as the tension between United States and China widens.

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China Warns Trump We’ll Respond If You Hurt Our National Interests

In what looks like an escalation of tension between China and the United States of America, the former has warned Donald Trump not to toy with its national interests unless the U.S. was ready to face corresponding consequences.

China’s Foreign Ministry also reacted to President Trump’s recent withdrawal from the World Health Organization (WHO), saying the U.S. was just playing conspiracy politics.

“Any words or actions by the US that hurt China’s interests will be met with firm counter-attacks.

“The US will never have its way in containing China’s development,” China Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Lijian Zhao tweeted on Monday.

Recalled that Trump had terminated U.S. membership with WHO, last week, on the grounds that it was being controlled by China.

Trump also said that China would not overrun the nation of Hong Kong.

But Zhao Lijian stressed that the U.S. was just bordered about the exponential growth of China in terms of its economy and global influence.

He added that no action by the Trump administration would stop China’s development.

“China will resolutely defend its sovereignty, security and development interests.

“Over the past years, the US has been a habitual quitter. It has pulled out of UNESCO, UN Human Rights Council, Paris Agreement, JCPOA, INF Treaty, Treaty on Open Skies; its latest withdraw from WHO again reveals its pursuit of unilateralism and power politics,” he tweeted.

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