Valentine’s Day with God

FEBRUARY! WOW! Already in our 2nd month of the New Year! My, how time flys by! February is always thought of as Valentine’s Month. We look for the the red hearts on cards and especially the red heart shaped boxes of chocolate candy. Well, let’s just look at that heart shaped box and remember the words of Forest Gump’s Mom- ” You never know what you are going to get.” Now let’s take a very different approach to the heart shaped box. Look at it in God’s view and just imagine that it is God’s heart and when it’s opened you see people instead of chocolate candies. Yes, some are hard core, some are brittle and broken, some are gummy but all are God’s people. Just where do you find yourself in that heart shaped box? Each piece is special in God’s eyes. His heart is open and holding each one of us in a special spot in His heart. We may not think of ourselves as special to God but WE ARE!! We never know what life has in store for each of us but He does. We may be hardcore or soft centered but we are all held precious in God’s heart. We may feel broken and rejected by man’s view but in God’s heart you can feel loved and mended. Bring your cares and woes to Him. Place them in His heart for healing and let Him show you how much He loves you no matter where you see yourself in life He has a special spot reserved just for you in His heart. As you look at the box of chocolates, you see each piece has it’s very own place. No other piece can fit in it’s spot. Well, that’s also true for you and me. We each have our very own spot in God’s heart. We fit perfect in the spot He has put us in this life here on earth. No one can receive our special blessings God has for each one of us. We are all called to walk our path in life and know His love is there for each one of us. Whether we are hard core or soft and gooey He loves us the same. We may even be broken into pieces but His love will be there to mend us and put the pieces together. We still have a spot in His heart where broken pieces are loved. We are not discarded because of brokenness but loved the same as all the other pieces in His heart. Jesus said, “Come to me all who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11vs22. This means all broken pieces are loved the same way all the rest of us (candies)are loved. God does not look at our brokenness but loves all of us the same way. Do you throw broken pieces of candy away? Or do you savour it anyway? Sometimes broken pieces just reveal the best of the piece of candy the same way some brokenness in our lives can bring out the best in us. If all of us were just perfect pieces of candy, whether hard, gooey, soft or sticky and God only chose us and then threw out the broken pieces, don’t you think He would miss some of the best pieces? Well, I find that God loves those broken pieces just the same as the rest of the pieces. Many of us are actually broken and don’t realize it. We may think we are one piece but actually are many pieces. Any time you start to worry about something you become a broken piece. God still loves us the same and mends all our broken ways. He does not discard us but places us in a special place in His heart to mend us. He savours us just the same as if we were whole. No truer love than this for anyone than the love of God for mankind. His heart hold us safe and gives us peace- NOT PIECES!

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Best of the Roads and All Gears Forward in Jesus

Rev. Marilou Coins

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