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This Handheld Device Has A Great De-escalation Potential — Brainnews Radio

This Handheld Device Has A Great De-escalation Potential

This Handheld Device Has A Great De-escalation Potential

This Handheld Device Has a Great De-escalation Potential

With growing risk to face street violence in the recent year, personal safety of police officers and individuals becomes even more important than ever. At the same time, your personal safety must not result in someone else’s injuries. The best way to resolve a potential conflict is to de-escalate it.

Here, we review probably one of the best ways to quickly choke a rising conflict by using an efficient non-lethal personal safety device called Byrna Gun SD.

Meet Byrna Gun

What is Byrna Gun? It is a portable handheld ball launcher capable of firing synthetic projectile balls filled with pepper spray. The device is offered in several form factors, including classic pistol look. The gun uses CO2 canisters to propel the balls, and is extremely easy to use.

Now, let’s take a close look at the particular model, Byrna Gun SD.

Look and feel

Byrna Gun SD has a sleek design resembling real pistols, but offered in distinct orange and purple colors in addition to the classic black. The grip is equally comfortable for both big and small hands, and the launcher feels nobly weighty when you take it. At the same time its weight is an optimal balance in terms of aiming and carrying around.


Byrna Gun guarantees accurate shooting at 60 feet, and it really shows at that distance. With little practice you can be sure you hit exactly where you aim. The gun supports a number of standard ammunition balls (see below). The magazine effortlessly slides out when you press the release button, and reloading the pepper balls into it is also not a problem. Inserting a ball requires some force, yes, but nothing too extraordinary, so Byrna Gun is friendly to women too.

CO2 canisters

Byrna launcher works on standard CO2 cartridges. The peculiar thing about Byrna is that the cartridge is not punctured until you pull the trigger for the first time. This prevents leakage of CO2 gas out of the canister, and promotes longer life of the device. A single cartridge is enough to make 18-20 shots.


Byrna Gun SD can fire projectiles up to 204 miles per second, so the threat is stopped the same moment you pull the trigger. The rate of fire is also surprisingly fast according to our tests. This means you can unload the whole magazine to several targets and force non-lethal de-escalation.

Ammo types

The ammo for Byrna Gun is small gelatin balls with filler inside. Depending on the type of the ammo, fillers vary. At BattleSteel you can purchase the following ammunition for Byrna Gun SD:


  • Pepper spray balls. Such ammo is filled with natural capsaicin derived from pepper, or more precisely – OC (oleoresin capsicum). Upon hit, the ball breaks and unload the its contents in onto the enemy quickly immobilizing it.
  • Tear gas projectiles. Byrna MAX projectiles contain both pepper (OC) and tear gas (SC) for maximum stopping power.
  • Kinetic balls. This ammo type is designed for self-defense as well as training. They do not break on impact, but deliver serious non-lethal damage that can shock and demoralize an attacker.
  • ECO. The ECO ammo is 100% green as they are made from water soluble materials. If you want to train outdoors, that’s your choice for your Byrna Gun SD.
  • Protraining. Finally, this type of ammo contains a harmless powder that is perfect for training to evaluate the range of shooting and the size of the powder cloud after impact.

Of course, at BattelSteel you can find ready sets of these types of ammo for the best price. And if you do not own a Byrna Gun launcher, take a look at our special kits containing the launcher itself plus all the several round of the most popular ammo types with it – enough to get familiar with the device and to practice.

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