Photos: The Most Sensitive Areas Of A Female’s Body

Till today, many are yet to know the most sensitive part on a woman’s body. But, luckily, here we are to let you know all about this..

Below are the 11 most sensitive part on a female body;

The Most Sensitive Areas Of A Female's Body

1. Her eyes
2. Her ears
3. Neck
4. Breast (Areola)
5. Stomach (abdomen)
6. Lips
7. Laps
8. Head (hair)
9. Vagina (Clitoris)
10. Naval
11. Inner Arm and Armpits

The Most Sensitive Areas Of A Female Body

Below are what two (2) forum users have to say about the woman most sensitive parts;

The thing with the clit is – touching or licking it anyhow can turn majority of them off but playing with those lighted areas can actually blow them out like a bomb in less then 10 minutes.

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BUT, you have to know the rules in caressing those areas.

Caressing those areas absent minded like you don’t know you are setting her on fire by doing it sweetly gentle like you are using a feather.

Lightly kissing that area above the pubic can get her dripping wet and very Hot.

If you now want to make her your slave, in that any time you call, she will answer you – discuss money and her needs while you are on it – start an argument with her on how much alert you will send her later – make sure the alert will be close to what she is asking but not very close. for instance, if she is asking for 50k, tell her you can only send her 30k let the argument be about that level while you are working those highlighted areas.

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she will cum 4 times before you even pull your trousers.


The Most Sensitive Areas Of A Female's Body

The Most Sensitive Areas Of A Female's Body

The Most Sensitive Areas Of A Female's Body


Not at all. If her mind is fixed on your money then she will pay less attention to the pleasures of your touch and focus more of extracting the money from you. That’s how prostitutes work… They will moan and act like they are enjoying the nonsense you are doing but they are only after the cash…. Call them without cash then get their real response but if she loves you deep in her head….. she will enjoy your pleasuring with or without money.

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The Most Sensitive Areas Of A Female's Body