Tanzania Bans Diamond Platnumz From Performing

Diamond Platnumz has reportedly been banned from performing in his own country after he played a song which the authorities had banned for being se-xually suggestive.

Tanzania Bans Diamond Platnumz From Performing

The popular Tanzanian singer had been dogged by controversy in recent years.

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The song ‘Mwanza’ contains the Swahili word for “h-orny”, and dancers are seen in a video simulating s-ex.

Diamond Platnumz had treated the ban with “disdain” by singing the lyrics at a concert, the arts regulator said.

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In April he was questioned by police after posting on Instagram a video clip of himself playfully k-issing a woman. The authorities accused him of behaving indecently.

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Tanzania’s arts regulator, Basata, said Diamond Platnumz would also be banned from performing abroad, but it is unclear how it would enforce this.

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