Still Not Clear If Former Minister Malusi Gigaba Will Pursue Removal Of Sex Video From Pornhub

Following the leaked sextape of former South African finance minister Malusi Gigaba, it is not clear if the sextape found on pornhub will be removed with the directive of the minister, report.

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Still Not Clear If Former Minister Malusi Gigaba Will Pursue Removal Of Sex Video From Pornhub
Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba at the Lindela Holding Facility in Krugersdorp on 5 November 2018. Picture Sethembiso Zulu/EWN

As Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba contends with the publication of his explicit video on the world’s biggest pornographic video sharing website, it’s not clear whether he will move to have it removed.

Gigaba’s video showing him performing a solo sexual act was initially widely shared on social media platforms last month.

He says that his phone was hacked.

Since Gigaba’s video was shared on Pornhub by a user with a pseudonym Coronzo, it has garnered in excess of 65,000 views.

This has further exposed the minister, who insists that the footage was meant for his wife, except he never sent it.

Social media expert Emma Sadlier says that according to the terms on Pornhub, Gigaba can have the video taken down and pursue criminal charges against the person who uploaded it.

“In South Africa, the criminal offense will be the crimen injuria pending finalisation of the revenge porn on criminal laws.”

But she says it may prove difficult to trace the anonymous user.

“Even where you get the buy-in of these websites, for example, they hand over all the identifying information they have. Even if you managed to trace that exact computer with the exact time when the content was uploaded, it could just lead you to an internet café without the CCTV footage.”

Pornhub policy allows for videos that have been uploaded without consent to be removed.

But Gigaba’s personal spokesperson Vuyo Mkhize says they won’t comment on whether they will pursue this.

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