Some Facts About The Dramatic End Of Game Of Thrones

Social media platforms in few hours ago has been trending after the dramatic end of game of thrones.

Dramatic End Of Game Of Thrones

Rose Leslie (Ygritte) refused to talk to Kit Harrington for several days after he spoilt the ending of Game of Thrones for her, on her request.

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The actor stated, “I told my wife last year how it ended, and she wouldn’t talk to me for about three days, Daily Mail revealed. And she’d asked!” This is why spoilers are never a good idea, no matter how badly we think we want them. Also, “last year”? Was Harington lying back in October, or did he tell Leslie towards the end of the year?

Dramatic End Of Game Of Thrones

When asked if Harington was satisfied with the ending, he didn’t have a clear answer. “It’s a weird one to answer that, I can’t really answer whether I’m happy or not,” he shared. “I don’t think it’s about happy or sad really. I’m satisfied with what they did, but I don’t know whether I’ll be really satisfied until I see it.”

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