Slay Queen Openly Invites Guys For S-e-x (Video)

A slay queen has gained fame on social media after she shared a video of herself openly invited men to come have her for money.

Slay Queen Openly Invites Guys For Sex

In the video, the lady (a Ghanaian) whose name is unknown seem to have just woken up from bed and shot the video.

She was speaking a local Ghanaian language ‘Twi’ and in translation, she meant;

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“Boys, show us something so we know what’s going on; day break and we have to know what’s up”

“Have you guys seen how I’m hard up? Yes I’m really hot so you guys should come and ‘chop’ so that I can get some money to check my what’s up” the slay queen added.

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Slay Queen Openly Invites Guys For Se-x

The lady who was seen trying to get cozy and fondle herself in a romantic way continued to say convincing words directed at potential guys who may be interested in her.

“We want to collect your cash; yes we want to collect you so come. I need your ‘rod’ so come and ‘chop’ so you give me some cash, I really need money” she said while smiling.

Watch/Download the video below;

Download; - Slay Queen Openly Invites Guys For S-ex (787 downloads)
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