Shakira Pulls Necklace from Website After Fans Notice It Bears Striking Resemblance to Nazi Symbol


One day after Melania Trump’s fashion controversy (ICYMI: She wore a jacket that read “I Really Don’t Care Do U” while on her way to visit migrant children at the U.S.-Mexican border), Shakira is facing a controversy of her own, surrounding a necklace that people are likening to a Nazi symbol.


A gold necklace sold as part of her El Dorado World Tour merchandise strikes a scarily similar resemblance to a prominent Nazi symbol, the Black Sun.


The necklace, which retailed for $9.95, looks similar to the ancient German symbol, which was associated with the Nazis and featured on the floor of Wewelsburg Castle during the Nazi era, which was a home base for the SS party. The symbol is forbidden in Germany, according to German outlet Bento, which first noticed the similarity.

The necklace has since been removed from the singer’s website. (Reps for Shakira did not immediately reply to PEOPLE’s request for comment.)

Shakira has no known history of saying any fascist remarks, so it’s likely a very unfortunate oversight by her design team. But Twitter users were very quick to point it out it’s resemblance.

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Shakira has yet to comment on the matter, but did share a video of herself checking out her tour merch when it first came out in May (however, she did not review the jewelry selection).


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