Security/Safety Tips By DSS You Need To Know

Below are some security tips as released by a DSS Director.

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Security Safety Tips By DSS You Need To Know

1. Limit your personal and family postings on social media, more especially Facebook. The enemies can
trail you with such information.

2. Limit your attention on your smart phone when you are in a gathering. You may notice an attack before it gets to you.

3. Always make use of your sides and inner mirrors while driving. Note the car regularly following you
and plan on your next move.

4. Don’t visit any place without a detailed address. This is to avoid asking question and bringing up yourself as a stranger before enemies.

5. Never put your designation if you are highly place in your organisation when you are designing your complimentary cards.

6. Always sign your signature on your complimentary card before issuing it out.

7. If you are under attack or kidnapped, obey every command of the enemies and do not challenge or try to make out their looks.

8. Always and make efforts to have at least a mobile number of top law enforcement officer.

9. Avoid mentioning monetary transactions in public places.

10. Observe your environment regularly. If a car parks around your area, make sure your security ask questions why the car is parked, the enemies may be monitoring you.

11. Always be in constant talk with your security when you are coming back very late to know the security situation of the area.

12. Do not always have a permanent route of movement. Going to work, church or mosque etc.

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