Sarah Jessica Parker Admits ‘Sex And The City’ Now Looks ‘Tone Deaf’ When It Comes To Diversity

Anyone who’s recently watched a rerun of “Sex and the City” can attest to the fact that the show has held up pretty well in the years since it ended its HBO run in 2004.

One aspect of the show, however, would not pass muster in today’s TV landscape, and that’s the lack of diversity when it came casting the show’s four all-female — and all-Caucasian — leads.


Looking back, star Sarah Jessica Parker told The Hollywood Reporter that the show could have done a lot better in that regard.


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“You couldn’t make it today because of the lack of diversity on screen,” she told THR while attending the Deauville Film Festival in France for the premiere of her new film “Here and Now”.

“I personally think it would feel bizarre,” she admitted.

After plans for a third “Sex and the City” film were scrapped in the midst of much drama, Parker — who’s also one of the show’s exec producers — discussed rumours of a potential reboot, and what form that might take.

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“I don’t know that you could do it with a different cast. I think that’s radical and interesting, but you can’t pretend it’s the same,” she said of a new “Sex and the City” with different actresses.

“It wouldn’t be a reboot as I understand it,” she added. “If you came back and did six episodes, you’d have to acknowledge the city is not hospitable to those same ideas. You’d look like you were generationally removed from reality, but it would be certainly interesting to see four diverse women experiencing NYC their way… It would be interesting and very worthwhile exploring, but it couldn’t be the same.”

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Sex And The City: Where Are They Now?

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