Salt and Fire (2016)

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  • Director: Werner Herzog
  • Writers: Tom Bissell, Werner Herzog
  • Stars: Michael Shannon, Gael Garca Bernal, Anita Briem, Werner Herzog, Veronica Ferres, Volker Michalowski, Lawrence Krauss
  • Release Date: December 07, 2016
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Run Time: 1h 38min


Salt and Fire is a few secretive mysterious film the place a researcher finds himself stranded and in a troublesome state of affairs with two youngsters. To look at ecological catastrophe of largest salt flat Salar de Uyuni in southwest Bolivi, two scientists are despatched to South America. They are hijacked by the CEO of a giant group. When a supervolcano Uturunku demonstrated the signs of expelling, they bond to evade a catastrophe. An individual kidnaps a researcher in Bolivia and abandons her stranded amidst large salt pads with two sightless younger boys. The researcher accuses the chief of an in depth group for a pure debacle in South America. Volcano begins to point the signs of excel.
The capturing of the film is captured in Bolivia. The movie stars embrace Gael García Bernal, Michael Shannon and Veronica Ferres and consists and coordinated by Werner Herzog. Three researchers are of their method to give a solution to the United Nations when they’re kidnapped. Laura is the essential goal of the criminals. Kidnappers need to make conscious Laura about their grasping firm and their circumstances.
Werner Herzog is a standout amongst probably the most fascinating film producers. Herzog has a splendid character and an awesome thoughts that’s considerably extra astute than a lot of the basic administrators have. He composes the screenplay superbly and is trying to get some sort of message crosswise over about demolishing the world that we stay in.
Salt and Fire is an exceptionally nice movie and makes use of exceptional mixture of dialogues. It begins off as a thriller type of image and attracts the eye of individuals via its superior capturing, fabulous appearing, mind-blowing story and an incredible drama.
Things get improved as soon as the lead researcher and her taker begin to form an irregular relationship. These groupings are probably the most fascinating within the movie. Both Shannon and Ferres are nice of their elements. The movie highlights a reasonably nice and one among a sort music rating and the cinematography was nice additionally. SALT AND FIRE is a real piece of success from an excellent director. Propelled by a brief story by Tom Bissell, the script focuses pure disaster in Bolivia, through which three researchers have been despatched across the United Nations to discover. Ferres is the primary researcher within the film. Isolated from her group the criminals have been locked of their compound task. Pioneer Laura tries to determine the puzzle with Matt Riley and his confederate Krauss (to aim to study their function). Film appears to peacefully transfer with the factor of suspense and drama. Salt and Fire lets Shannon free with the sensation of dream rationale. Herzog has Matt relinquish Laura amidst the salt flats, abandoning her to kick the bucket with solely a few provisions and two daze younger boys. This is probably the most pleasant and hackneyed a part of the movie. Salt hills prolong into the skyline like a dried up honeycomb, their ideally suited geometry loaning creates the great thing about the movie.


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