Ride Bicycle To Improve Your Health – World Health Organization (WHO)

WHO has revealed that riding bicycle which is part of exercise will help in improving the well being of an individual.

Ride Bicycle To Improve Your Health – World Health Organization (WHO)

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended bicycle riding as part of the physical exercises that empowers human well being.

WHO also strongly advised adults to engage in about 150 minutes of some form of physical exercises throughout the week

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WHO tweeted about this on Wednesday in commemoration of World Bicycle Day.

WHO stated that cycling, like other exercises, keeps one’s body in shape as well as strengthen the body against some terminal diseases.

“Cycling is healthy for all age groups:
It helps you maintain a balanced weight and prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes, & some cancers & improves mental health & well-being,” it tweeted.

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“Be Active and ride your bicycle; be Active and ride your bike!,” it added.

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