Psychology Of Relationship Between A Man And A Woman

Psychology Of The Relationship Between A Man And A WomanPsychology of the Relationship Between a Man and a Woman

 I hope that my words will find fertile ground and turn many away from the inevitable mistakes, while others will help to look at themselves from the outside. Today we will discuss some things about relationship psychology and relationship studies in psychology.

Of course, everything is so individual, you cannot make a “multiplication table” of family happiness.

You should always have someone to contact with the problems, so contact your local psychotherapist in case of need, and you will receive specific psychological recommendations on your case.

Marital life is the mutual work of two people to achieve harmony in their relationship, the basis of this are mutual concessions and compromises.

But do not forget about the psychological readiness to form a family – this is the presence of proper skills of communication with people, unity or similarity of partners’ views on the world and family life.

Both these skills and experience with them are laid before marriage: the ability to create a healthy emotional climate in a family, the skills of managing the material side of life, and just serving yourself and the ability to take care of a loved one.

Most of the problems and conflicts associated with relationships are the result of the unconscious struggle of the spouses for power and influence, their rivalry with each other. For celebration over a partner, any means are used:

  • Refusal to engage in sexual relations – to demonstrate to another the lowness of his/her passions, to humiliate or punish for anything.
  • Coming home late deliberately as evidence of their own independence.
  • Charges and complaints on small things – in order to convince the partner that he (she) is not capable of anything, etc.

And you do not need to engage in “tug-of-war”, and this desire of a person for power must be taken as a reality. It is necessary to tackle this problem in principle, that is, establishing some balance between the spouses. Be sure to visit the following russian girls dating site!

Relatively speaking, all winnings and losses of one must be compensated or balanced by winnings and losses of the other.

And when it is not possible to agree on a normal distribution, the losing side provokes the partner, expressing its dissatisfaction. And this leads to conflicts, and then to the destruction of relationships.

Causal relationship psychology puts a lot of emphasis on being able to learn how to distribute power in the family, define the roles of each family member. And, of course, beware of building this “by default” setting, which always leads to a dead end in a relationship.

So many misunderstandings happen between two loving people due to the fact that they do not listen to their partner, do not heed to what they want to say.

Of course, you should not tell your partner about all your thoughts and feelings all the time. But understanding and benevolence – it comes with experience and skill and, most importantly, compassion, sharing your experiences.

For example, if a loved one asks you a question regarding your relationship. And you, one way or another, move away from the answer, and if your partner is not sure about your feelings, then your manner of response will be perceived as evidence that the worst suspicions were justified.

“If he does not want to talk, then the matter is bad”

You, like every person, may have a bad mood, or you are concerned about the problems of work and health – and you do not want to talk about it. Relatives see your anxiety, feeling unwell, but you laugh it off or be silent. This is what drives a wedge into your relationship. After all, they can only assume that it is they who are to blame, and not a rude person in public transport.

It is not always easy to communicate truthful information, but it is not always necessary.

Often loving people agree to tell the truth. And then, he/she starts spitting out the truth about his/her ex-partner (maybe even a casual partner). Well, they are just making it worse for themselves, damaging good relations in the future. If we consider relationship psychology facts, then it is better to lie occasionally, principles may be important, but they are not as important as a strong marriage.

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