Protest Rocks United States City Following The Murder Of George Floyd (Photos)

Protests has been recorded in United States cities following the murder of an American unarmed black man in the country.

The death of George Floyd has unsettled Minneapolis in the United States, as people took to the streets to protest his manhandling by some U.S. police officials.

Protest Breaks Out In U.S. City Over Murder Of George Floyd
Photos from the protest

Several artists in the U.S.have called for justice for the deceased Floyd after video footages showed him being pinned down by some police men, leading to his death.

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Mayor Jacob Frey, said on Thursday, that about 16 buildings were damaged from a protest that eventually turned wild.

Washington Post reports that Minneapolis city leaders sought to reassure the public after the death of 46-year-old George Floyd in police custody Monday prompted a second night of protests that began peacefully, but morphed into destructive fires and looting late Wednesday — a shift the police chief largely blamed on outsiders.

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The U.S President, Donald Trump had assured that justice would be served.

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Washington Post also reported that in Memphis, a group of people protested at a police building chanting “no justice, no peace” while in Los Angeles, protesters blocked a freeway and confronted a California Highway Patrol vehicle.

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