Productive Things Students Can Engage Themselves During ASUU Strike

There is no doubt, the ongoing strike, championed by the Academic Staff Union of Universities, is a sad tale as this could cause major disruptions in the school calendar. But Yossy Info is here to give you things students can do during the ASUU strike that will help you benefit from your stay away from school.

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1. Start a business
As an undergraduate, this is the best time to start a small business. Launch out that business idea you have been nursing. You are not too young to be an entrepreneur, use this period at home to start a small business. The good thing is that you do not necessarily need a large capital to get started. You can also use social media as a tool to leverage your business.

2. Learn a new skill
There is no better time to learn a skill than now. It could be photography, jewelry making, baking, producing music, writing etc
Be determined to learn and be good at it, it will give you an edge and provide opportunities for a side hustle, it will help build your self confidence and give you value for time invested.
After learning, don’t hesitate to put the skill into practice even when school resume again. This will enhance the skill and make you perfect in it.

3. Get a job
While at home, you can as well make money. Get a job as an intern or assistant in an office or company preferably close to you, so you won’t spent too much on transport fares.
You can get a job as an apprentice at a creative studio or salon, you may also decide to go for something freelance like writing or blogging.
The money made may not be much but it may be enough to take care of some needs. Working is fun and educational.

4. Volunteer
There is a measure and sense of accomplishment that come with service to humanity. It exposes one to great opportunities like training, travel etc
Volunteering is a great way to give back to the society. You can volunteer for, NGOs to better the society or a number of empowerment programs tailored for young people where certain skills you possess may be needed.

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