Plane Crash In Germany Kill Three

A small plane crashed in western Germany on Sunday has claimed three lives.

The pilot and two passengers believed to be Russian reportedly died in the crash. Police have since identified the plane to be a Russian airline and identified one of the victims as its co-owner.

A statement by the police said the six-seater aircraft was traveling from France to the town of Egelsbach south of Frankfurt went it crashed around 1330 GMT. The cause of the accident was still unclear. According to police report; “After impact, the aircraft was completely burnt out.”

The company said in a statement; “On March 31, 2019, S7 Airlines shareholder Natalia Fileva was killed at the age of 55 during the descent in a private Epic-LT plane to (a) Frankfurt airport. The cause of the tragedy is not yet known.”

Plane Crash In Germany Kill Three

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