PDP Did Nothing Throughout Their 16-year In Government – God’swill Akpabio


By Wisdom Peter,

The Ex-Governor of Akwa Ibom state tells defectors that PDP did nothing in their 16 years of ruling Nigeria.

The 8-year Governor of Akwa Ibom state from Ikot ekpene senatorial district shocked everybody in the country by his unplanned defect from PDP to APC for reasons best to known to him.

No one would ever have made a guess on the person of God’swill Akpabio defecting to APC after everything, every word and every action did in 2015.

PDP Did Nothing Throughout Their 16-year In Government - God'swill Akpabio
Former PDP Minority Leader, God’swill Akpabio

The uncommon transformator is up again showing he is seriously out of the shoes of PDP by telling those defecting from APC to PDP that PDP did nothing in their 16 years of rule.

The ex-minority senate leader is now in sides with President Muhammadu Buhari. And has turned against his 2015 candidate Deac. Udom Emmanuel, telling the media that his successor isn’t the right person to transform Akwa Ibom state and PDP isn’t the right party for Akwa Ibom state. Demanding the people’s vote for the APC candidate Nsima Ekere, his former deputy Governor.

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After his defect to APC, he stated as follows, “My Heart Was with Buhari, Not Jonathan in 2015.”

The media/people has turned over him, asking where he was during the last 16 years? As he was a part of that same unachieved PDP Government.


Author: Wisewriter