Once You Are Tested HIV Positive, You Are A Dead Person – Nigerian Man

A Facebook user, Nwankwo Ogechi Peter has shared his belief and opinion saying that ‘once you test positive for HIV, that is the end for you’.

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Nwankwo Ogechi made the post on December 1st which is celebrated as World’s AIDS day, the young man took to his Facebook page to voice out his opinion on the dreaded disease.

Read his post below:

“Today is world HIV & aids day, many are saying have a test and know your status and live happily that testing positive for HIV & aids is not the end of the world, but I said it is the end of the world because you can never think rightly again, every of your thoughts will be towards there all time.

No matter how hard counselors tried to advice you once you are positive to HIV you are positive and your health condition can never be the same again and only thing that will be coming to your mind is dead, that is the simple truth, putting on condom moving from different people and claim you are protected that you play safe is a big lie.

The best advice anyone can give you is to be faithful with the person you are sexing with, either your date or your wife/ husband and make sure that your partner is faithful to you too, i know is difficult to say stop sex, because is not even 1% possible but being faithful to your relationship is 100% safe for the both partners that remains faithfully to themselves.

Don’t be deceived with condom because is not 60% safe. don’t say you are not keeping much friends, is not about the quantity of friends you keep, you can keep millions of friends and be faithful to that one person whenever it comes to sex and be 100% safe, but keeping 2 or 3 friends and sexing with them claiming you are safe, is a big lie, you are not safe even 1%, you are not my dear, my own advice to you all out there is to be faithful and make sure your partner is faithful to you too and be 100% safe.
Happy new month to you all”

Once You Are Tested HIV Positive, You Are A Dead Person – Nigerian ManOnce You Are Tested HIV Positive, You Are A Dead Person – Nigerian Man

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