Offset Had S-ex With Cardi B’s Best Friend – Summer

Offset’s mistress, Summer Bunni, has exposed some secrets about the rapper’s s-ex life.

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Summer Bunni, in a post on her Instagram page, revealed that she is not the only person who had sex with the Migos rapper while he was married to Cardi B.

Summer said Cardi B’s best friend, Star Brim, also had s-ex with Offset before she went to jail.

Offset Had Sex With Cardi B’s Best Friend – Summer

It can be recalled that Cardi B had days ago announced separation from her husband, Offset over cheating allegation.

Summer, hours later, came out begging Cardi B in a viral video for damaging her marriage.

“I have not spoken to Cardi but I would like her to know I am a very genuine person and I’m not here to breakup a family and I’m very sorry this is happening,’ Summer said

However, Summer in her new revelation claimed that Star wasn’t as loyal a friend to Cardi as Cardi B has been to her.

She wrote: “She smiling all in her face and shit. Why you think Offset never took pics with her and why he unfollowed her and went back and forth. These are facts!

“You know what, I am tired of being nice. @star_brim5 how about you tell them what happened between you and Offset. Let’s tell the whole truth. But y’all ain’t going to say nothing to her because you all scared!!! She fucked him before i did! That’s Cardi B best friend right?”

Cardi has been silent on the allegations by Bunni.

Star Brim and Cardi are very close and Cardi has constantly made it clear that she will fight anyone for Star, who is currently in prison on credit card fraud charges.

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