New Ebola Outbreak In DR Congo Kills 10 Out Of 16 – WHO

WHO (Africa Region) has revealed that Democratic Republic of Congo has recorded 10 deaths from Ebola disease in the country.

New Ebola Outbreak In DR Congo Kills 10 Out Of 16 – WHO
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The World Health Organization (Africa Region) says that ten Ebola patients in the Democratic Republic of Congo, have died, as of June 11.

WHO (Africa Region) tweeted about this on Saturday, adding 16 cases have been registered since it was first discovered in Equateur Province in June 1,2020.

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“The latest numbers from the 11th #Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak in Equateur Province in the #DRC (11th June 2020) are: 16 cases (13 confirmed and 3 probable) with 10 deaths,” WHO tweeted.

Meanwhile, WHO’s Director General, Tedros Adhanom had, last week, said that the new development could be linked to an animal reservoir.

“Investigations are ongoing to understand source, but likely a new introduction from animal reservoir,” he said.

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Furthermore, Adhanom warned that narrowing focus to the Coronavirus pandemic could enable other diseases to surge.

He urged Governments and health authorities to streamline health services, so that it can address all ailments, aside covid-19.

Recall that the first outbreak of the Ebola virus killed no fewer than 2280 people in DRC, in 2018.

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