New ‘Doctor Who’ Lead Jodie Whittaker Reacts To Twitter Reacting To Show’s First Female Lead

A lot of eyes are on Jodie Whittaker, but she says hose eyes should stay focused on “Doctor Who”.

The “Broadchurch” star made headlines when it was announced she would star as the first-ever female doctor on the long-running time-travelling series.


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In a new video for U.K.’s Stylist magazine, Whittaker responded to Twitter reaction — good and bad — to her casting.

“You’ve ruined it,” one user wrote with three accompanying red angry emojis. “You haven’t even seen me do it,” Whittaker rebutted.

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“Lots of folks who ever cared about ‘Doctor Who’ before are suddenly very concerned,” another user added. “Maybe we should announce that climate change is a woman.” Whittaker agreed, “fair point.”

Season 11 (of the reboot, season 37 overall) of “Doctor Who” will serve as the introduction of Whittaker and airs Oct. 7.

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