N-Power Batch C: What To Do If You Are Yet To Receive Email Confirmation

N-Power Batch C registration kick-started on June 26, just weeks on the registration process, about 5 million applicants have registered on the portal. But, the sad news here is that N-Power says it is looking for just 400,000 qualified applicants. Another issue is the failed email notifications during the registration process.

N-Power Batch C Registration

If you are yet to receive an email, it’s as a result of the large pool of applicants, traffic congestion, and early application, but notwithstanding here are few suggestions:

1. Make sure it is the exact email inbox you used to register that you are checking, several people have multiple emails.

2. Delete unnecessary emails.

3. Check your spam mail, you can as well delete unnecessary spam mails, your inbox might have exceeded storage capacity.

4. Reload your email.

5. Check for “All Mails”

6. Use search box and search for the mail.

7. Empty trash mails.

8. Try sending yourself an email to check if the email settings are not hampered.

9. Lastly try logging in without the confirmation email.

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