Morning E-rection Facts In Men You Probably Didn’t Know

Young men in their Many numbers, and even some older ones who haven’t found the right people to ask, and are curious about morning wood (erec-tion).

Morning Erection Facts In Men You Probably Didn't Know

Most people who have the experience, with some regularity, of waking up in the morning with an erec-tion and wonder, what’s up with this?

This is a difficult thing to understand for women and even people who own a pen!s. Doctors, however, have studied why this morning wood happens to men. Yes, hard to believe, that science spent time on this subject.

Below are some of the facts discovered from their studies;

1. It’s just part of life, men of all ages wake up with an erec-tion:
The medical name for a morning wood is nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT). There are some assumptions as to why this happens to men when they wake up in the morning.

2. It becomes less frequent when you get to a certain age:
This morning wood phenomenon becomes less and less frequent around the time men are in the 60’s and 70’s.

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3. The brain controls our bodies and function. This is why men can control being aroused at work, in the gym or on a date:
While at sleep, some parts of the brain are shut down, that means the brain no longer keeps the pen!s in check. Whereas normally the brain is regulating the pen!s and making sure erecti0ns only occur when needed, during REM the pen!s is free to do whatever it wants – And what does it want? You guessed right! Get hard!


4. It’s a lot stronger in the morning because he’s hormonal:
Guy’s testosterone level is at its highest, early in the day around 25% to 50%. As the day progresses, the levels begins to drop.

5. The pe-nis gets hard when it’s rubbed up against something accidentally, during sleep:
The pen!s gets aroused by touch, physical stimulation. Hence, if the body is pressed against something or someone, it’s responded by making the pen!s do what it knows how to do best – getting hard.

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6. It’s just a way for the pe-nis to exercise:
NPT can actually be a way the body conditions the pen!s to keep blood in it for long periods of time. There’s no other place in your body that has to trap blood for an extended period of time,” says Dr. Alukal. “For example, if we took a tourniquet and tied it around your foot for a half hour, we might have some problems afterward.
But your pen!s is expected to trap blood for a half hour or an hour and be fine afterward. But Dr. Alukal is quick to point out that this is just a theory, and there’s no data to back it up. (source:

7. A man’s erec-tion comes after receiving signals from the brain telling him he is stimulated and ready.

8. Guys experience multiple boners per night:
Doctors estimate that men will have about four to five erecti-ns throughout the night with each lasting approximately 25-30 minutes. In case you are wondering, that is totally normal.

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9. A man’s bladder may also be making him get an erection:
It is a common myth that morning er-ectins are caused by a full bladder. While we know that having a full bladder can lead to an er-ection in someone who is awake (we know this through research with men with spinal cord injuries) it’s not clear that this does cause erectio-ns throughout the night.

10. Getting the morning wood is good news, don’t get embarrassed cos of that:
Men on average have morning erections about three times a night. Doctors say this means your testosterone levels are good, and his overall health is doing great.