Lady Spends £87,000 To Look Like A Sex Doll (Photos)

By Wisdom Peter,

Report on brought to Brainnewsradio has it that a 26-year-old lady has undergone 20 cosmetic surgeries to make her look like a human sex doll.

The lady known as Ivana before the operations, said she did not like the way she looked.

She said: “Before, I was simply ugly. I was ignored by men and was always ‘nice but not beautiful’,” quotes.

Lady Spends £87,000 To Look Like A Sex Doll

The lady who is said also to be a professional make up artiste from Berlin, Germany, has had five nose jobs, three boob jobs, eyebrow lifts, a jaw op and had her earlobes reduced, among others.

According to reports, she has spent around £87,000 and now has a breast size of 95G, and she is not ready to stop yet, that she needs four more operations to give her the look she wants.

The now “Living sex doll” is getting lots of attention including 96,000 Instagram followers.

Ivana is said to have been working as a dominatrix twice a week for seven years which has helped to pay for her sex doll look.

She said, “Other women laugh at me, they say that I look like a sex doll.

“Then I just say ‘yes, I want to look like that”

“That is a compliment to me”

“I do not want to be normal at all, I am oriented towards dolls and I strive for perfection.” – quotes.

Lady Spends £87,000 To Look Like A Sex Doll

Lady Spends £87,000 To Look Like A Sex Doll

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