Kano Police Arrest 30-year-old Man For Raping 40 Women

Police in Kano State has arrested a man for raping about 40 different women within a period of just one year.

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According to thenationNG, the Kano State Police Command has arrested a 30-year- old man who raped about 40 different women in one town within a year.

Kano Police Arrest 30-year-old Man For Raping 40 Women

Spokesman of Kano Police, DSP Abdullahi Haruna, confirmed the arrest.

He said one Mohammed of Kwanar Dangora village confessed his victims were young girls, married and old women.

”It is true. We have him in our custody. We are parading him soon.”

On how the suspect was arrested, he said he sneaked into a house to rape a girl but the mother raised an alarm, which forced him to escape.

He was however caught by neighbours, who gave him a hot chase after a woman caught him in her children’s room in Dangora town of Kano.

Haruna said during interrogation the suspect confessed he raped about 40 women, including old women in the village in one year.

He said the suspect has been transferred to Criminal Investigation Department, (CID) for discreet investigation.

A chief of the town, Ahmadu Yau, said the arrest was a welcome development.

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