Inspiration Today: You are better than you see yourself

I woke up this morning at about 5 and this thing keep ringing in my head to let off some steam on it very quick. I solemnly had to succumb to it with the hopes that someone out there will definitely derive something significant into his/her life through it.

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The life we live is better known to us by our own selves but sometimes at a point in life we seem to lessen our capabilities and abilities of what we can do.

Now let me tell you something so important. You are far better than the opinion you form about yourself but maybe you’ve not come to full grasp and understanding of this noble fact hence things are the way they tends to be after all.

One fact is so certain. Every single Tom, Dick and Harry has a something spectacular deep inside of him/her. But the interesting aspect of it is that sometimes it takes the other person around to make you discover that God-given talent hidden in you. Whereas, on the otherhand some will discover it themselves when the adequate time has come.

So my reader you are not one insignificant material out there. You may not be the Barack Obama, the world knows or the Jay Z famous for his exploit in the world music scene but you are spectacular in your own distinct way. God has deposited some hardware and raw talent in you that you need to make conscious efforts to discover and be useful to your immediate society. Cheers!

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