I Like Sex And I Am Willing To Get Married Again At 50 – Actress, Ayo Adesanya

Ayo Adesanya, a Nollywood actress, says she is not ready to close her heart about sex, marriage, and love even at 50-year.

Speaking during an interview, the screen diva added that if she doesn’t like sex then how would she give her only son birth.

Read her words below;

“I’m willing to give another person one last chance. Now, I am 50. I want to let go. I want to give marriage another try. If I get the right person, I’ll get married again. Nobody is perfect but I need someone that can balance me up. He has to be God-fearing, romantic and have some money. Romance is very important. I want an extremely romantic man. God is a good God. He knows what I want, and I believe that he would send him my way.

“On sex, we all humans, everybody likes sex. This is what humans do, they eat, have sex and sleep. If I don’t have sex, how would I have my son. But they are certain things one can’t bring out or flaunt outside, even if you are nymphomaniac, once you are outside you control your urge.”

I Like Sex And I Am Willing To Get Married Again At 50 - Actress Ayo Adesanya

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