How House Wife Won Her Husband Back From Side Chick After Claiming To Be HIV Positive

An husband who is truly loved by his wife so much devised a plan as she couldn’t keep quiet after he got snatched by the side chick.

How House Wife Won Her Husband Back From Side Chick After Claiming To Be HIV Positive
Cynthia Mhlanga in her house in Greenbushes after her husband returned from his nyatsi. (Photo by: Joseph Chirume)

Recently, when Cynthia Mhlanga’s husband, Mthulisi left home to live with his sidechick, she came up with a clever plan to get him back to herself.

She made a shocking revelation that: “She told his sidechick she and her husband were infected with HIV!”

The 43-year-old from Greenbushes in Port Elizabeth area of South Africa told Daily Sun her marriage fell apart after her 50-year-old husband’s company transferred him from Mbombela, Mpumalanga, to Port Elizabeth.

“At first, I was very glad to live close to the beach.

“Mthulisi’s benefits and salary also increased but then he fell in love with a woman he works with,” she said.

“We arrived here in September and everything was alright until he disappeared with his salary and bonus money the next month.

“Whenever I phoned Mthulisi, he would say he was on a company trip to Cape Town.”

Cynthia said she was a receptionist. She was later told by another worker that they were living together in Cleary Park.

“I got her cellphone number and phoned her to tell her Mthulisi’s and my HIV results.

“I said we had a number of STDs that urgently needed treatment. She was shocked and cried on the phone.

“She even apologised to me and chased Mthulisi away on the same day. He’s back with me but he’s very angry.”

When the Sun Team contacted the woman, she said: “I’m sorry I fell in love with a married man.

“Though it turns out they are not HIV-positive, I don’t want him back.” Mthulisi refused to comment.

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