Google AdSense Suspends ‘Ad Balance’ Feature

Google Adsense is set to end its “ad balance” feature later in May, 2020, a report from Google has said.

Google AdSense Suspends ‘Ad Balance’ Feature

Google AdSense helps pay millions of online personalities and publications, but even it is not immune to Google’s feature removals. Later this month, Google AdSense is removing its “ad balance” feature, 9to5google has said.

Announced this week, Google says that ad balance for AdSense is being “retired” on May 20th. Google says that this decision was made based on feedback from publishers. Ad balance was used to help weed out low-quality advertisements without hurting their revenue too much.

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With that in mind, Google says that it will focus on developing further blocking tools for low-quality ads.

“We’re removing ad balance from AdSense accounts on May 20, 2020. We’ll also remove the ad balance experiment option, including all completed ad balance experiments, on this date.

If you’re currently using ad balance or running ad balance experiments, we’ll email you with additional information. If you’re not using these features, then you don’t need to take any action.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to develop our products.”

Any current Ad balance experiments will be removed on May 20th, as well as all of the options for adjusting these settings.

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