‘God Seen Walking On Clouds’ In United States (Watch Viral Footage)

There has been a viral video going round major social media platforms across the world as viewers say they saw God walking across the sky in a storm footage in United States, Brainnews report.

According to JesusDaily, the viral footage was recorded by a social media user.

‘God Seen Walking On Clouds’ In United States
Photos from the viral footage

The viral clip, captured in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, shows the moment a storm was gathering in the sky. Among the clouds, a figure appears to ascend out of the shot.

Solo Dolo, who recorded the clip on a Facebook live video, can be heard speaking behind the camera. She did not realise until after the footage was uploaded that she had filmed ‘God’. In a comment posted on Facebook, she wrote: ‘Can’t tell me my God ain’t real’

Is it a sign? Viewers say they can see GOD walking across the sky as footage captures a shadowy shape surrounded by bright light in the middle of clouds. The amazing footage appears to show ‘God’ walking through clouds in Alabama.

Watch the viral video below;

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