Yes is difficult in this country (Nigeria) but not all youth resolve to online scam and other sort of fraudulent acts it’s so sad has this set of people(Online Fraudsters, Scammers, Yahoo Guys) have made the rest of the world to see Nigeria has set of black fraudulent people.

Our so called leaders has no good intention for the people of its country they see the post they are in as opportunity to acquire enough wealth for their family and friends and it is believed that any politician contesting is just going into power just for their selfish and personal interest.

Corruption has eaten deep into the fabrics of this nation that the resources of this country is centralized and trapped in the hands of this greedy politician even the citizen has no say in the decision making of her own country.

Many lives lost in recent terrorist attacks, everyday crisis breaks out and amidst all this people have to make ends meet while the rich comfortably relaxes in the comfort of their house not concerned about where the country really is heading many Nigerians are on the street hustling for how to provide for their families so they can survive.

Has it is, nowhere is safe in this country one has to be cautious we all do not have an idea what can happen in the next few minute and it breaks my heart has leaders elected into offices ignores their duties and responsibilities and taking advantage of their office to acquire material things with public funds while neglecting their main reasons why they are present in that office a lot of promises has been made to Nigerians but nothing comes to pass has its all empty promises.

The leaders of this country should be held responsible for all chaos happening all around the country has they have twisted the rule of law just to favor their own selfish interests in order to keep themselves in power for has long has it takes.

People of this country has their own dreams and aspirations but they are being faced with different challenges since the economy isn’t favorable and conducive so it’s so difficult for Nigerians to make ends meet which is main reason many foolishly go into scam and other fraudulent activities forgetting that any proceed recovered through fraudulent means comes with a curse and moreover anyone found guilty won’t be spared by the law.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that one day a real change will happen in this country has those engaging in things that stains this country globally will be made to pay for their deeds.

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