Torture Gang Killed Woman By Connecting Her Bre-ast To Electric Battery Charger And R-aping Her With Baseball Bat

By Wisdom Peter,

Report reaching Brainnewsradio has it that, Victoria Davis, 24, was murdered at her home in Fayetteville, Arkansas, by group of torturers led by one Mark Chumley, including her own husband John Davis.

Torture Gang Killed Woman By Connecting Her Breast To Electric Battery Charger And Raping Her With Baseball Bat

According to, Chumley is said to have suspected that his victim was going to try and set him up on child se-x abuse or drugs charges.

Chumley is further said to have been angry at Davis over an alleged se-x attack on his granddaughter at
her home, which he claimed she did nothing to stop.

He is said to have co-erced his four cronies to participate, including Davis’ husband John, 30.

Chumley reportedly lied to John Davis that his wife had been cheating on him to gain his support, in which case, John Davis then took part in the 24-hour torture that led to her death, which included connecting her breasts to a battery charger and ra-ping her with a baseball bat, and was sentenced to 37 years in prison for
her murder, with a reduced jail term being handed down after he agreed to testify against Chumley.

Chumley, the ringleader in Davis’ vicious murder was jailed for life without parole after being convicted of capital murder in October.

Included in the report is that, one Rebecca Lloyd, 39, who is supposed to be a member of the gang was arrested and sentenced to six years of probation for disposing of the vital evidence following the torture
and murder of Victoria Davis in 2015.

After serving 1,217 days in jail, Lloyd then admitted disposing of evidence and the illegal tampering on Thursday after agreeing to plea deal which saw her escape a capital murder charge over the killing of Victoria Davis.

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