Former Pornstar, Mia Khalifa Reveals How She Was Manipulated Into Working In The Industry

A famous pornstar, Mia Khalifa who has now retired has revealed shocking things that happened to her before joining the porn industry, Brainnews reports.

Mia Khalifa Reveals How She Was Manipulated Into Working In The Industry
Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa, now a former adult film actress, debuted in porn in 2014 and she has spoken about how she ended up in the porn industry.

According to Marca, Mia Khalifa revealed that she was spotted on the street as a young graduate.”It was more so ‘oh, you’re beautiful, do you want to do some modeling?’ and ‘you have a great body, I think you’d be great in nude modeling’,” she revealed on the BBC’s ‘Hard Talk’ show.

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“I came and toured the studio, which was very respectable.”It was nothing that made me uncomfortable.”

The first time I went in wasn’t the first time I filmed a porn movie. ”It was the second time. “The first time was more so ‘do you want to do this?’. Khalifa went on to talk about some of the messages she has received from other young girls.

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“There are all of these stories of girls whose lives have been ruined by it and men who have taken advantage of them,” Mia Khalifa added. “There are contracts that they didn’t even understand the jargon of.”

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