Flexible Work: How To Get Your Dream Flexi-Job

How To Get Your Dream Flexi-Job

Different people have different priorities when it comes to their career. Some like to chase the wage and seniority, working harder and harder to rise up the ranks and achieve success in their field. Others are happy to pocket a wage each month and to make friends on the job. But there’s a growing group that just wants a little more freedom, autonomy and flexibility – and they’d be happy to take a pay cut to get it. This article is aimed at that last group, showing you how to find flexi-work online.

Develop Skills


Your skill set is what you take to the flexi-work market. Without skills to offer, you may have to settle for jobs that aren’t paid very well and don’t offer the working conditions that you’re looking for. So skills development, be that through open online courses, YouTube lectures, or practical experience, is a must. Get your head down and perfect your talents to stand the best chance of picking up gig work on a freelance basis, which will help you to secure the jobs you’re after in the world of flexible work.

Common Careers


There are some careers that are more common than others in the flexible working sector. For instance, shipping jobs are enjoying a bounce in popularity because you’re able to do them on your time, delivering packages from door to door in your vehicle. You’ll find a long list of shipping jobs here: https://www.shiply.com/us/shipping-jobs. Meanwhile, there are plenty of options in the driving space – like being a courier, a food delivery driver, or a taxi operator. All of these can be signed up for with ease too and can help develop you as a career driver.

How To Get Your Dream Flexi-Job

Getting Out There


If you have skills developed to bring to the job market, it’s time for you to get out there to show them off. This is the exciting stage of your flexible work journey because it’s your first scouting outing for jobs that pay well but don’t expect you to work 9-5 during the week. You’ll find these kinds of jobs listed on specialist jobs websites, and you’ll also be able to approach companies directly if you feel that they might need a helping hand with something that you’re able to complete. Draw up a list of rates, and some examples of your previous work, to stand the best chance of generating interest.



The lifestyle of a flexible worker can be difficult to manage, and that’s something that you should bear in mind when you’re setting up for this way of life. You are suddenly in charge of your own time, your own invoices, your own tax payments and your own accounts. This is extra, unpaid labor that you’re going to have to get used to – but you can also do this on your own time, and it’s something that’s fairly satisfying once you get the hang of it.

Set yourself up for flexible work with the tips outlined above – designed for the newcomer to this kind of flexible, free lifestyle.

How To Get Your Dream Flexi-Job

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