First Thing You Should Do If You Discover Your Husband Is S-exually Abusing Your Child

First Thing You Should Do If You Discover Your Husband Is Sexually Abusing Your ChildSex-ual Abuse is more common in 2018 than we think. There are many compilation of stories online of Nigerian women who discovered their husbands were se-xually abusing their daughters, one of them was just nine months old!

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If you discover that your husband has been molesting your daughter, please don’t wait to hear what your pastor will say, don’t wait for the decision of the family elders, don’t wait to hear how the devil used him. The first thing you need to do is kick him out or take your child and leave. Do not let your child stay one minute longer with a pedophile father.

It is hard to believe the man you love, the man you are building a life with, will sex-ually abuse the daughter you have together, but please do not stay in denial when the truth is staring you in the face.

It is not enough to say don’t bathe or dress the child; the truth is that many of these abuses don’t even happen in the bathroom anyway. Such a man cannot be trusted with your daughter anywhere, even under your nose.

There should be absolutely no coming back or mending for a marriage with a man who abuses his own daughter.

Below are four important things you need to do as stated by;

1. Kick him out or leave him

2. Report him

3. Get medical and psychological care for your child

4. Get psychological care for yourself.

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