First Local Blue Film Shot In Kenya

A Kenyan company has shot its first blue firm. The video has a 20 minutes length, and was shot in a dark and low lit room. It was acted by a couple. Also, it was produced for the locals of Kenya.

First Local Blue Film Shot In Kenya

The producer of the movie, John Idongo was applauded with credit for producing the film in Kikuyu, Kiswahili, Kamba and Luhya languages, the movie has now been rated as the first vernacular blue film in Kenya.

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John Idongo believes that he can do more of such job, as he believes alot in himself. With this he doesn’t need the support of the government. He believes that blue firm will be legalized in the nearest future so that he can earn upto $8 million per firm, pay actors and also pay taxes.


Idongo’s breakthrough in the blue firm industry began when he organized a party at his home. At the party, he filmed a drunk girl undressed, posted the video on YouTube, it was later deleted due to violation of terms on the platform. But, before it was deleted, it received about 3,000 visits in less than four hours. This motivated him to try something big in the industry.

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With this, he decided that a vernacular speaking blue film was a better option.

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