Firefighter Adopts Stray Dog He Found and Rescued from California Wildfires

Like a phoenix, Mendo has emerged from a fire to start a new life.

Not long ago, the German shepherd was rescued from California’s Mendocino wildfires — for which he is named — by the Draper City Fire Department’s Patrick Cullen.


“While fighting the fires high on the mountain, our Firefighter Patrick Cullen spotted a pair of glowing eyes. He wasn’t sure what it was, a mountain lion perhaps? And out came a beautiful German shepherd dog,” Draper City Fire Department staff wrote of Mendo’s rescue on Facebook.


Cullen gave the dehydrated, skinny dog water and let the canine sleep under his fire truck before taking the dog down the mountain and putting him in the care of an animal shelter, reports

After parting ways with the pooch, Cullen couldn’t stop thinking about the sweet pup, so the firefighter followed up with the shelter and discovered that no one came forward to claim Mendo.

So Cullen claimed him.

The firefighter adopted Mendo, and when the pair were reunited the dog ran “happy circles” around his rescuer and new dad.

“What a beautiful, friendly and affectionate dog,” Draper City Fire Department staff wrote on Facebook. “Congrats Patrick and family on the newest member of your family!”


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