Facts About Efik Powerful Goddess, Anansa

Interesting facts about Efik Powerful Goddess, Anansa.


Anansa is a very fearful but beautiful goddess of the sea. And it’s believed that it’s only fortified cameras that can capture her monuments where it’s lay on the bayside of Calabar South. Anansa is considered the spouse of many.
Anansa is by far the most popular of all the deities of the Efik people. Anansa is situated at the enwang spring head, known as idim enwang, Anantigha is located on the other side of the town, in a thicket initially called iyonde but now called anantigha Beach.

The Anansa deity is said to be the goddess of the sea and the goddess of beauty. Anansa can be said to possess young girls, and when she possesses a girl, she dreams a whole lot about the water and the famous ekombi dance, E.g (The two attire worn by the Mr/ Mrs Yorivhitv from Akwa Ibom State and their body movement during their photoshoot is Ekombi) which is a dance attributed to Anansa.

The ekombi dance movements are derived from the motions of the oceans. It’s believed that by mere dancing of ekombi, you are invoking the spirit of Anansa. Dance of peace and happiness. The possessed girl will automatically know how to dance ekombi ideally.

Because of Anansa’s beauty, the possessed would be stunning and would attract men, even when she is not dressed seductively. Anansa is a very fearful deity, when rejected, she can be dreadfully insane but very humble when she is accepted.

It was also said that the NNS victory, the naval base. Currently situated at the back of the stadium was formerly known as NNS Anansa. She was a very territorial mermaid, causing so many uproars for the Nigerian navy and sinking ships.

The navy had to appease her so that she could allow them to take control of the water’s borders, so they named their base NNS Anansa and performed sacrifices and rites to appease her.

Only for historical purposes and awareness.

Felix Ibok
Ancient Africa Historical Researcher.
Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Spain

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