English Premier League Unveil More Match Fixtures

The English Premier League, known briefly as EPL has release new fixtures for its games as the old fixtures have all been played.

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English Premier League Unveil More Match Fixtures

The English Premier League has released more match fixtures in addition to the first three weeks of games announced earlier that spanned from June until July 2.

The new dates and fixtures will see games played almost every day and the season is expected to end on July 26.

The full fixtures is shown below:

July 4
Norwich vs Brighton 12.30pm
Leicester vs C Palace 3pm
Man Utd vs Bournemouth
Wolves vs Arsenal
Chelsea vs Watford 8pm

July 5
Burnley vs Sheff Utd 12pm
Newcastle vs West Ham 2pm
Liverpool vs Aston Villa 4.30pm
Southampton vs Man City 7pm

July 6
Tottenham vs Everton 8pm

July 7
C Palace vs Chelsea 6pm
Watford vs Norwich 6pm
Arsenal vs Leicester 8.15pm

July 8
Man City vs Newcastle 6pm
Sheff Utd vs WolveLiverpool
West Ham vs Burnley 6pm
Brighton vs Liverpool 8.15pm

July 9
Bournemouth vs Tottenham 6pm
Everton vs Southampton 6pm
Aston Villa vs Man Utd 8.15pm

July 11
Norwich vs West Ham 12.30pm
Watford vs Newcastle 12.30pm
Liverpool vs Burnley 3pm
Sheff Utd vs Chelsea 5.30pm
Brighton vs Man City 8pm

July 12
Wolves vs Everton 12pm
Aston Villa vs C Palace 2pm
Tottenham vs Arsenal 4.30pm
Bournemouth vs Leicester 7pm

July 13
Man Utd vs Southampton 8pm

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