Disadvantages Of Being A Banker

Disadvantages Of Being A BankerBankers are seen one of the most respected people in the society because of the prestige and glory attached to their profession.

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Like every other professional, being a bankers goes with its own disadvantages most of which are not known to the society of the people around.

In this article, I will share with you some of my experiences and an ex-banker.

Below are 5 Disadvantages of Being a Banker as shared by gisthabit.com;

#1 Every day at Work Is a Risk

As a banker for every day, you report to work you are risking your life. Incidents like armed robbery attack can sometimes become messy to the extent that you may get injured or even killed.

Another great risk is for those in cash and teller unit, there is always a chance of cash shortage or loss as a result of an overpayment, over posting of a cash deposit, wrong posting etc.

The bitter truth about cash loss is that you end up paying for the loss as the bank hardly bear the loss.

#2 You Will Be Drained and Have Less or No Time for Yourself

This is one of the most frustrating parts of the job. You leave home very early and come back very late. It can also be worse when your branch happens to be a very busy branch.

The impact of this on your life is that your relationship will suffer as sometimes you may not even have the time to start a relationship.

If you are not smart it may even extend to your personal development.

No banker comes out of the sector the same. You go in full of energy and you come out drained and sometimes with sicknesses like stomach ulcer due to poor eating habit, back pain as a result of too much sitting

Most times bankers end up working for their next of kin as they may hardly have time to give themselves a treat.

#3 No One Believe You When You Say You Are Broke

Yes, no one will, in fact, they will always see you like the money bag.

A banker colleague of mine once approached a provision seller in his street to buy provisions on credit with the hope of paying in a few days’ time when salary must have been paid, the provisions seller told him that he has always believed that bankers have the liberty to take cash from the vault any time they are in need.

This is why your relatives will always call you for money because they feel bankers have a lot of money to throw around, in fact, they see you wear designer suits, shirts, and shoes even though it may be okirika.

#4 You Will Be Guided By A Lot of Rules

As a banker, you will be under a lot of rules and regulations. Rules that says you can’t marry your colleague, rules that say the colors of clothes you must wear, rules that prohibit you from using other banks ATM even when you are dire need of cash.

For those in cash and teller unit, you will be made to declare the cash in your wallet every day you come to work and submit your phone before the commencement of business.

#5 High Chances of Getting Punished for Someone Else’s Crime

This can be very heartbroken especially when you have put in a lot of years of hard work in the system.

The funny thing about banking job is that when one person commits a crime or fraud, a lot of people will go in for it. These people might be innocent or even have no idea of the crime prior to its discovery.

The punishment broom most times sweeps away both the guilty and the innocent.

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