Drama As Dead Girl Returns Home Days After Her Own Funeral

Confusion has befallen a family after their daughter returned home four days after she was buried.

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According to a report from Dailymail said; “a family who believed their daughter was dead cremated a body before their daughter arrived home safe four days later.”

The woman identified as Naina, 26, had gone missing from her house on Saturday December 8 in Patiala, Punjab, India.

The man who she had left with had also gone missing from his house.

A mutilated body of a woman in her 20s was found in the same city just days after her disappearance on December 11.

Dead Girl Returns Home Days After Her Own Funeral

Police had suspected Naina had been killed by the man she had eloped with, the Times of India reported.

The body of a woman was found by a local farmer inside a ‘gunny bag’ sack in a field. An autopsy confirmed the woman had been strangled to death.

Naina’s family then claimed it was her body, and cremated the body the next day.

However, their daughter returned home safe four days after the cremation, along with the man she had left with.

Local police said they took fingerprints and DNA from the body. They are re-starting the process to identify the dead body.

A police spokesman said that the body would have been cremated anyway.

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