Credit bank alerts get me in the mood – Sandra Ifudu

While there is a consensus that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach (Davido has proven this with his ‘Assurance’ love story with Chef Chioma) , there is also a consensus that the best way to woo a woman is to shower her with the best things money can buy.

Sandra Ifudu

Money, as they say, can open many doors. At least budding Nigerian singer on the rise, Sandra Ifudu has admitted that much. Love may be just as important to this Delta State-born songstress, but with money, it seems you may very well be on the ground floor with this singing robust beauty.


“ There are no two ways about it, guys, credit alerts put me in the mood,” she started emphatically on her Facebook page and in matters of minutes she was overwhelmed by torrents of comments by her fans, mostly men, looking to get fresh with her. You can imagine what those comments were!


Chatting with  Potpourri  after the post, the ‘Audio Love’ crooner explained what she meant exactly by her statement.

“I am not trying to say money can buy my love, never! But every woman loves to be pampered and money naturally brings excitement. Sending me money will definitely make me happy because I will appreciate you but if you are not my kind of guy, there’s nothing you can do that will make me date you. Though, I will appreciate your kindness and gesture. But it is not a guarantee that I will love you,” she explained.

Sandra Ifudu has been rather active in the last one year with her musical career. After winning many hearts with her cover of Davido’s ‘If’, the cherubic- faced singer topped it with a banging single of her own ‘Audio Love’ featuring the Galalala master, Daddy Showkey and also featuring Okon Lagos in the video.


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