COZA Pastor’s Rape Accusation: Before You Join The Band Wagon, Use Neymar Case Study

This an opinion piece, as written by; RemiTinubu

Before you accuse or believe that story, remember Neymer’s case

Had it been that the innocent guy has no evidence by now the world will be tearing him limb for limb
his club would have sacked him and all endorsement destroyed.

Yes you heard me right
All these would have happened without proper investigation and done out of emotions and sentiments because the world frowns at rape (including me) and sometimes take actions on the accused without investigation due to gender ish.

Nowadays desperate ladies capitalize on that to pull down any man they feel like and the world won’t even ask questions and just destroy the accuser without proper investigation.

I use to join the band wagon until Neymer’s case showed me how wicked some ladies can be
who would ever think that such innocent looking latino will ever accuse neymer falsely.

The world have started believing her story till neymer luckily presented a solid proof to end the allegations.
ask yourself this question.

Neymer went free because he gat some evidence to prove his innocence.
What about numerous guys in the same situation that gat nothing to back up their claims?

I rest my case here.

Please I’m not defending COZA Pastor, infact i don’t like that guy but let’s be logical in our reasoning SOMETIMES.

COZA Pastor's Rape Accusation

COZA Pastor's Rape Accusation

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