China Offer Coins For Bus Passengers Who Forget To Bring Money To Buy Tickets

By Wisdom Peter,

China, one of the most successful countries in science and technology in the world today is moving better and trying to make life easy for her citizens and residents.

News reaching Brainnewsradio has it that Nanjing City in east China’s Jiangsu Province has offered boxes filled with coins on two bus lines for those who forget to bring their money to buy tickets. Passengers can borrow coins from the box, and return the change the next time they take the bus as reported Yangtze Evening News on Saturday.

And for those carrying large denomination of yuan, those coins could be used as change.

According to information, Self service ticketing buses are widespread in almost all major Chinese cities. A fair box is installed at the front door of the bus where passengers get on. Riding the bus usually costs 1 yuan (about 0.14 US dollars) for a one-way trip.

China Offer Coins For Bus Passengers
China Offer Coins For Bus Passengers

Although local commuters can pay for the bus fare with tap-and-go cards easily, not having change on hand would still be an embarrassing experience for sightseers and residents who hop on a bus occasionally, CGTN writes.

The initiative is said to have been widely lauded by local as well as netizens after it was unveiled on social media. “The idea of preparing spare coins is considerate and it should be promoted nationwide,”user @Yunliangzi commented on China’s Twitter-equivalent Weibo.

“I was in a rush to a meeting but told to get off the bus once because I didn’t have any change and passengers around me couldn’t lend me coins either. People rarely carry cash now, not to mention small change,” another user, @Jingluo, commented, pointing to the necessity of the coin box.

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