Cherry Entafield: ‘I Chose To Use My Chest To Get Needed Attention’


A Nollywood actress, Cherry Entafield who sat for an interview with Saturday Beats has disclosed that she has chosen to use her boobs to get the needed attention she wants.

She had tried to get the ‘needed attention’ to her talents but all her efforts failed until she started dancing in her underwear and also making use of her boobs for some dance moves, Cherry Entafield said.

“I am made of steel, I believe in my art and what I have to offer to the world. This is the means I have to express myself. I receive a lot of backlash all the time; I understand that some people don’t understand but it doesn’t bother me.

“My selling point is my bust; I’ve tried other ‘selling points’ but they did not work. I tried to be funny at some point, but I only got a few number of views. I tried poetry for over a year and still had few followers. Now, when I post some of my old poems, people are always amazed at them. When I was posting them back then, nobody gave a damn about them. My poetry and raps are gaining more traction.”

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Rapper, Cherry Entafield - ‘I Chose To Use My Chest To Get Needed Attention'


Author: Brainnews