Cardi B Rejects Reconciliation With Offset

Few Days after Rapper, Cardi B announced her split from Offset, the rapper’s husband announced that he misses her.

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Despite Offset’s public pleas for Cardi B’s forgiveness, the “I Like It” rapper appears to be standing firm in her decision to remain broken up… for now.

Cardi B Rejects Reconciliation With Offset
Offset And Cardi B

As reported by E! News, a source close to the Cardi B says she’s “very torn” over what their future holds. The insider claims things have “been really hard” for both of them in light of the split, saying Offset is “trying to win Cardi back” but she’s “not on board yet.”

“They haven’t been spending time together and Cardi expressed she still wants her space. She is very busy right now with her work and is focused solely on Kulture,” explains the source, mentioning their 5-month-old daughter.

The source also claims that Cardi B still loves Offset “and wants her family to be whole again” but she is having difficulty trusting her husband especially because of the cheating scandal that is thought to have led to their separation. The source said,

“She has her up and down moments where she thinks there could be a chance they can salvage their relationship, but then Cardi is also very upset over the cheating situation. She is very torn and is trying to stay focused on business matters right now.”
“She doesn’t want to have to co-parent Kulture, but isn’t quite sure if they can make their relationship work,” the source continues.

In case you missed it, over the weekend, Cardi B slammed rumors their breakup was simply orchestrated for publicity during an Instagram Live session.

“I wouldn’t put my family in a bad name for no f–king publicity, ’cause at the end of the day, 10 years from now, my daughter, she’s gonna be looking at these type of things and she’s gonna be asking me about these type of things,” the 26-year-old said. “…my relationship was never fake. I met this n—a, he was on my ass, I gave him a chance and we fell in love with each other. Things was not always gravy, ’cause at the end of the day, we are two different people. But we never did anything for f–king publicity, bitch. You think I got f–king pregnant, could have ruined my career for f–king publicity?”

E! News also reports that Cardi b is yet to begin divorce proceedings because “there is still a chance of reconciliation”.

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