Brutal! See what a wife did to her husband’s side chick

What jealously can cause though.


A wife took her jealousy to a whole new level when she dealt with her husband’s alleged mistress.


The wife reportedly stripped the side chick naked then poured fish sauce and chilli powder all over her body.

The side chic identified as Giang Jun, 30, was said to be working at her beauty spa in Thanh Hoa, Vietnam, on Tuesday at 10pm when the furious wife stormed in.

The wife then accused her of having an affair with her husband then dragged Jun by her hair onto the road then tore her clothes before proceeding to douse her naked body in fish sauce and extra hot chilli powder.

The incident was photographed by Mr Pam and police are now investigating.

Mr Pam said: “There was lots of cursing at the woman. The wife said she had been married for ten years and that the beauty spa owner had destroyed her marriage. There were a group of women helping her. She pulled her hair and slapped her. She put chilli powder over her body in the middle of the High Street.

“The victim showed no resistance, she just was on the ground and received it. I think she was taken to the hospital because of burns caused by the powder.”

Thanh Hoa Police Chief Lam Son Ward speaking with newsmen said that officers received a call at 10pm about a girl who was jealous and had attacked another woman with fish sauce and chilli.

He said: “When officers arrived, all parties involved had left the scene. The cause of the case is now being verified. There are signs of a crime being committed by humiliating another person.”

Nguyen Chi Phuong, head of Thanh Hoa police station, said: “The unit has identified the girl who was assaulted in the incident and we are encouraging this girl to file a complaint. However, she is afraid of the consequences.”

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